This is a short summary of our goals and activities in english. You can find more english language information about the Norwegian Green Party on our international facebook page and this Wikipedia article. Some information can also be found on the Oslo Green Party websiteWe apologize for the limited amount of information available in english. Would you like to help us translate our material to english, or to your own language? We would absolutely love that, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

For us, «green» means thinking holistically and creatively. When we can find the courage to consider new approaches to old challenges, truly green, sustainable solutions for people, animals and our natural surroundings are often surprisingy easy to find.

The Green Party puts quality of life and sustainability ahead of short-sighted economic growth, and we aren’t afraid to ask hard questions about what direction Norway should head in. To us, Norwegian politics aren’t a question of red (socialist) versus blue (conservative); the real divide is between green and grey. This makes us a party free from ties to political clusters and alliances — a party that puts the environment ahead of everything else.

This is what we’re working for:

  • More grass roots democracy, citizen initiatives and a dynamic and transparent political establishment
  • Support for small businesses and the unique stores that add life and variety to the district
  • A broad, green and innovative policy for «smart growth» in the district
  • A solid, compassionate and inclusive social policy
  • Solutions and systems that make it easier to choose green options in everyday life
  • Support for both mainstream and niche cultural and sports activies
  • To make Grünerløkka a hub for green and social entrepreneurship
  • A safe and friendly district for everyone, no matter your age, cultural background, income or gender identity

We host open meetings every month where everyone is welcome to join in. You do not have to be a member. We can’t wait to meet you!

You can always get in touch the Grünerløkka Green party via email, or drop us a line on Facebook. If you’ve got a proposal you think we should take a look at, please let us know!


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